On this page I will show stuff I get from friends and fans. And remember you can always send me new ideas for new pages.

Fictional Story By Kerry:  

Hi my name is is Kerry. I am six years old and I lived in Texas for two years. When I was one my mother ran away because my I was to beautiful,       my father was forced two go with her. A dog picked me up and dropped me in the lake. I was found by a French hobo who threw me at a care home now I live in a box with my pet. My pets name is Rast who is a rat and he finds me food.           One day he found a lottery ticket in the trash and apparently it was the wining lottery ticket. Now I Iive in a manchion with 5473 story house and I love dogs.               Now see how life can change.

(Note: None of this actually happened.) 

 This was sent to me by Emily herself!!!!

Okay, watch this until Sylvester catches Tweety. 
(wait for it. It's  worth it)... 
   AFTER Tweety is caught, scroll down... 


[]This was  an idiot test. How long did you watch? 

0-2  seconds       -         You are a genius
2-5 seconds        -         there is hope for you 
5-10 seconds     -         consider remedial classes 
10-20 seconds    -        if you are americas future we are about to be  lapped by mexico
20-30 seconds   -            Your offspring are not going to be smart
30 sec-1 min     -           Sorry, but you are pretty stupid
1-2 min              -         the equivalent of the  average house plant 
2-5 min              -         You are just as smart as Jessica Simpson   
20 min -1 hr          -         You are as dumb as a post
1hr plus              -         
Congratulations.  You have a negative IQ. To find out what your prize is, watch  bugs until he finishes his carrot...   


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