Let the story be told of how a young girl was banished in what seemed like a cave that had a never ending supply of boring. Nearly being over powered by the bordem, she suffers from severe cases of lonliness, mood swings, and, of course, most of all, bordem! All of this is due to the fact that her one way of escaping the outer world of fears and escaping to the world full of anventure has been taken away. There is no way for this young, hopeful girl to communicate with her friends through email or her friends on Pixie Hollow. But finally, she runs out of the cave and is reunited to her LAPTOP!

This is a story by Ellie, yes Ellie from the Ellie-Emily page!

Note: This is an exaggeration.  

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Hello my name is Kerry. I live in La La Land. I eat chocolate and purple trees all the time. They are so delicious, the bark on the purple tree is so yummy and the best part. I have a mom and a dad. My moms name is Peanut and my dads name is Waffle. One time my mom was fixing breakfast from downstairs and she yelled to me "Do you want waffles for breakfast honey" and I thought she was talking about my dad so I got scared  and I ran away. I went to a hat shop and I posed as a model, so people wouldn't no where I was there. My mom got worried about me and hired people to find me. They never could. One day a the guy at the hat shop found me and he said "How long have you been here?". I scaredly replied "20457 days" and the guy said "Well then, people who stay at my shop longer that 2 days get a free piece of chocolate cake." I eventually got my 10,228 pieces of pie. I became very fat and very noticeable. My mom was shopping for clothes one day and she saw me. I was scared and I tried to run away, but she was too fast for me. I luckily was near a big can of food. I quickly jumped into it and my mom never found me. I somehow became back to my skinny self and was reunited with my mom. She explained that she was talking about the food waffles not my dad.

There was once a girl who loved donuts so bad she would go to the extremes to get one. One time she was very hungry and decided she wanted a donut. She went up to her father and and asked her father "Can we get some donuts?" and her father replied "Yes we can darling, but we have to make on stop first" okay she replied. She happily went into the car and sat happily on the soft seat. Her father stared driving for a while and she got so hungry she stared chewing on the seats. When she finally arrived at the place her father was going to go she looked out the window and saw a store full of toys. It was her fathers surprise for her for he belated birthday. She went into the shop (still very hungry) looking for toys. When she arrived at the barbie doll section, she came to a doll that had a donut in her hand. She picked it out and continued. She started opening the package and eating the one inch plastic donut which she ate in one whole and was not that filling. When she stated walking was she saw a big plastic donut chew toy for a dog. The problem was it was on the top shelf and she could not reach the top shelf. Her dad was busy looking at another chew toy for her dog. She started to climb up the shelf like a monkey who had rabies chasing after a banana that was the last banana on the earth. She finally made it to the top shelf and stated chewing on the donut. As soon as she resized it wasn't a real donut she went cray and stared throwing plastic chew toys at people and nocked down four shelfs of toys. The people at the store tried to calm her down but she wouldn't stop her terrible rampage. The people called the police and they had to come over to the toy store. Even when they came she wouldn't stop. They ended up having to taser her till she calmed down. The family learned what she was capable of and whenever she wanted a donut they gave it to her.

3 wonderful stories by the one and only KERRY!!!!
I am a native from planet Gupalosh. I believe email has become a customary form of communication on Earth. As we observed your planet we found it was relatively advanced and that it would be the best subject of study. We are here living in secrecy, but decided it would be best to have a good number of outside sources. Our purpose is to defend your Earth from our hostile neighbors, the Youbagugs. We plan to stay until 2013, when there attacks should end. They plan to start the war in 2012.

     President of Gupalosh
BY ME!!!!

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